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"""Tools needed by the main classes
import pandas as pd

[docs]def add_weekdays2df(time_df, holidays=None, holiday_is_sunday=False): r"""Giving back a DataFrame containing weekdays and optionally holidays for the given year. Parameters ---------- time_df : pandas DataFrame DataFrame to which the weekdays should be added Optional Parameters ------------------- holidays : array with information for every hour of the year, if holiday or not (0: holiday, 1: no holiday) holiday_is_sunday : boolean If set to True, all holidays (0) will be set to sundays (7). Returns ------- pandas.DataFrame : DataFrame with weekdays Notes ----- Using Pandas > 0.16 """ time_df['weekday'] = time_df.index.weekday + 1 time_df['date'] = # Set weekday to Holiday (0) for all holidays if holidays is not None: if isinstance(holidays, dict): holidays = list(holidays.keys()) time_df['weekday'].mask(pd.to_datetime(time_df['date']).isin( pd.to_datetime(holidays)), 0, True) if holiday_is_sunday: time_df.weekday.mask(time_df.weekday == 0, 7, True) return time_df