demandlib package


demandlib.bdew module

Load profiles

SPDX-FileCopyrightText: Patrik Schönfeldt

SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT

demandlib.particular_profiles module

Implementation of the bdew standard load profiles for electric power.

class demandlib.particular_profiles.IndustrialLoadProfile(dt_index, holidays=None)[source]

Bases: object

Generate an industrial heat or electric load profile.

simple_profile(annual_demand, **kwargs)[source]

Create industrial load profile


annual_demand (float) – Total demand.

Other Parameters:
  • am (datetime.time) – beginning of workday
  • pm (datetime.time) – end of workday
  • week (list) – list of weekdays
  • weekend (list) – list of weekend days
  • profile_factors (dictionary) – dictionary with scaling factors for night and day of weekdays and weekend days module

Tools needed by the main classes, holidays=None, holiday_is_sunday=False)[source]
Giving back a DataFrame containing weekdays and optionally holidays for
the given year.
  • time_df (pandas DataFrame) – DataFrame to which the weekdays should be added
  • Parameters (Optional) –
  • -------------------
  • holidays (array with information for every hour of the year, if holiday or) – not (0: holiday, 1: no holiday)
  • holiday_is_sunday (boolean) – If set to True, all holidays (0) will be set to sundays (7).


Return type:

DataFrame with weekdays


Using Pandas > 0.16

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