BDEW Load Profiles

Using the demandlib you can create heat and electrical profiles by scaling the BDEW profiles to your desired annual demand. The BDEW profiles are the standard load profiles from BDEW.

Heat Profiles


Heat profiles are created according to the approach described in the BDEW guideline.

The method was originally established in this PhD Thesis at TU Munich.

The approach for generating heat demand profiles is described in section 4.1 (Synthetic load profile approach).

Q_{day}(\theta) = KW \cdot h(\theta) \cdot F \cdot SF

KW: Kundenwert (customer value). Daily consumption of customer at \approx 8 ^\circ C, depending on SLP type and Temperature timeseries.
h: h-Wert (h-value) , depending on SLP type and daily mean temperature.
F: Wochentagsfaktor (week day factor), depending on SLP type and day of the week.
T: Daily mean temperature 2 meters above the ground (simple mean or “geometric series”, which means a weighted sum over the previous days).
SF: Stundenfaktor (hour factor)

The geometric series approach is meant to account for thermal inertia.

\theta = \frac{T_t + 0.5 \cdot T_{t-1} + 0.25 \cdot T_{t-2} + 0.125 \cdot T_{t-3}}{1 + 0.5 + 0.25 + 0.125}

Depending on the profile type, different coefficients A, B, C, D for the sigmoid function are used.

h(\theta) &= \frac{A}{1+(\frac{B}{\theta-\theta_0})^C} + D \\

\theta_0 &= 40^\circ C

Types of houses:

EFH: Einfamilienhaus (single family house)
MFH: Mehrfamilienhaus (multi family house)
GMK: Metall und Kfz (metal and automotive)
GHA: Einzel- und Großhandel (retail and wholesale)
GKO: Gebietskörperschaften, Kreditinstitute und Versicherungen (Local authorities, credit institutions and insurance companies)
GBD: sonstige betriebliche Dienstleistung (other operational services)
GGA: Gaststätten (restaurants)
GBH: Beherbergung (accommodation)
GWA: Wäschereien, chemische Reinigungen (laundries, dry cleaning)
GGB: Gartenbau (horticulture)
GBA: Backstube (bakery)
GPD: Papier und Druck (paper and printing)
GMF: haushaltsähnliche Gewerbebetriebe (household-like business enterprises)
GHD: Summenlastprofil Gewerbe/Handel/Dienstleistungen (Total load profile Business/Commerce/Services)

Building class:

The parameter building_class (German: Baualtersklasse) can assume values in the range 1-11. On pages 42-43 of this document you will find guidance on how to determine building_class. You can either use the building class according to table 3 in the linked document or determine building_class on your own by identifying the proportion of buildings with a building age prior to 1978 and a building age of 1979 or later in the total building stock and by matching the proportion prior to 1978 with the span given in the column “Altbauanteil” in table 2 of the linked document.


Electrical Profiles


The electrical profiles are the standard load profiles from BDEW. All profiles have a resolution of 15 minutes. They are based on measurements in the German electricity sector. There is a dynamic function (h0_dyn) for the houshold (h0) profile that better takes the seasonal variance into account.

F_t = -3,92\cdot10^{-10} \cdot t^4 + 3,2\cdot10^{-7} \cdot t^3– 7,02\cdot10^{-5}\cdot t^2 + 2,1\cdot10^{-3}\cdot t + 1,24

With t the day of the year as a decimal number.

The following profile types are available. Be aware that the types in Python code are strings in lowercase.

German (original)
Typ Beschreibung Erläuterung
G0 Gewerbe allgemein Gewogener Mittelwert der Profile G1-G6
G1 Gewerbe werktags 8–18 Uhr z.B. Büros, Arztpraxen, Werkstätten, Verwaltungseinrichtungen
G2 Gewerbe mit starkem bis überwiegendem Verbrauch in den Abendstunden z.B. Sportvereine, Fitnessstudios, Abendgaststätten
G3 Gewerbe durchlaufend z.B. Kühlhäuser, Pumpen, Kläranlagen
G4 Laden/Friseur  
G5 Bäckerei mit Backstube  
G6 Wochenendbetrieb z.B. Kinos
G7 Mobilfunksendestation durchgängiges Bandlastprofil
L0 Landwirtschaftsbetriebe allgemein Gewogener Mittelwert der Profile L1 und L2
L1 Landwirtschaftsbetriebe mit Milchwirtschaft/Nebenerwerbs-Tierzucht  
L2 Übrige Landwirtschaftsbetriebe  
H0/H0_dyn Haushalt/Haushalt dynamisiert  
British English (translation)
type description explanation
G0 General trade/business/commerce Weighted average of profiles G1-G6
G1 Business on weekdays 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. e.g. offices, doctors’ surgeries, workshops, administrative facilities
G2 Businesses with heavy to predominant consumption in the evening hours e.g. sports clubs, fitness studios, evening restaurants
G3 Continuous business e.g. cold stores, pumps, sewage treatment plants
G4 Shop/barber shop  
G5 Bakery with bakery  
G6 Weekend operation e.g. cinemas
G7 Mobile phone transmitter station continuous band load profile
L0 General farms Weighted average of profiles L1 and L2
L1 Farms with dairy farming/part-time livestock farming  
L2 Other farms  
H0/H0_dyn Household/dynamic houshold  

Further information in German language is available at the BDEW.


from demandlib import bdew