Getting started

The demandlib is part of the oemof group but works as a standalone application.


With the demandlib you can create power and heat profiles for various sectors by scaling them to your desired demand. Additionally you can specify a year so that holidays are considered respectively.

Current Release

Install the demandlib using pypi:

pip install demandlib

You can also install the beta version with the most actual changes:

pip install git+

Developing Version


Read the latest documentation at


Clone the demandlib from github.

git clone

If the project is cloned you can install it using pip with the -e flag.

pip install -e <path/to/the/demandlib/root/dir>

Developing the demandlib

As the demandlib is part of the oemof developer group we use the same developer rules:

If you have push rights clone this repository to your local system.

git clone

If you want to contribute, fork the project at github, clone your personal fork to your system and send a pull request.


We provide two examples on how to use the demandlib. One for the heat sector, executable by calling demandlib_heat_example, and one showing how to create electricity demand time series, executable by calling demandlib_power_example. Both examples are callable from anywhere in the command-line.